Асоціація "Відродження та розвиток"

Вільний простір

Our organization was established on July 12, 2011 in the city of Horlivka, Donetsk region, since 2014 is located in the city of Bakhmut and is active in the Bakhmut district.

The organization was initiated by active entrepreneurs of the city of Horlivka in order to develop the city. We wanted to put the city in order in the neighborhoods and villages around, we wanted to promote socially responsible business and support the initiatives of residents to improve, create playgrounds and sports grounds. Activities to activate the residents have turned into active cooperation with the bodies of self-organization of the population of neighborhoods, our team realized that business is not the only partner that can help develop the city and community.

Unfortunately, the events of 2014 changed everything in our lives. We moved to Bakhmut and started almost from scratch in the new city. Since 2015, many new people have joined the team, who have brought fresh air, ideas and a desire to develop. Today we work in three communities of Bakhmut district and are ready to work in the Donetsk region.

Our young but ambitious team is full of strength and inspiration to help the communities of Donetsk region and promote beneficial changes in society. We are convinced that the most useful and effective way to build our country is change in each of us. When society begins to unite on its own to overcome small problems, we will overcome all other problems with our heads held high and make Ukraine a great power.

We work in several areas that we consider important for the future development of the region and the country

We carry out information work with residents of peripheral communities to increase their activity and involvement in community development. We create favorable conditions for dialogue with the authorities and promote local democracy. Our activities are also aimed at disseminating theoretical and practical knowledge about e-democracy. We disseminate the experience of implementing best practices in the municipal administration of different regions of Ukraine in the formation of civil society.

Realization of projects of economic cultural potential development of small territorial communities of Bakhmutcini, which provide popularizationand of rural green tourism and folk industries and development of tourist potential.

Creating an attractive environment for entrepreneurs, increasing the capacity of SME development and increasing business competence;

Creation of an effective mechanism of cooperation between entrepreneurs and the government

Attracting residents to protect their own environment

Promoting the dissemination and implementation of international sustainable development programs.

Creation of conditions necessary for youth self-realization and intensification of participation of youth associations of citizens in the state-forming process and development of local democracy.

Our young, but ambitious team, full of strength and inspiration to help the communities of Donetsk region and to facilitate useful changes in society. We are confident that the most useful and effective way to build our country is to change each of us. When the society begins to unite itself to overcome small problems – all other problems we will overcome with a high head and will make Ukraine a big state.